On May 9, the ETH has awarded its EC Award to startups. There, entrepreneurs could pitch their idea in front of a carefully selected jury of enterpreneurs, investors and professors. The overall winner of the evening was the healthcare startup Immunas.

The Entrepreneur Award event itself includes six 3 minute pitches followed each by 5 minutes questions and answers. The top three ideas will win prices to boost their idea financially and collaboratively. The overall winner gets 3´000 swiss Francs and the EC Award. Furthermore, a web design service by jkweb.ch, an iPad, and a Business Webhosting packet for every winner. All the winners get a saved spot in the ImpactHub coworking space as well. Swiss Startup Factory is the main partner of this event.

On May 9, the overall winner of the event was Immunas, a healthcare startup from Basel with the two founders Joanna Pawlikowska and Fangjian K. Lin. Immunas brings a solution in this topic: In many of the cases, viruses, not bacteria, cause Upper Respiratory Tract Infections that we commonly describe as cold or flu. Routinely prescribed antibiotics are only effective in killing bacteria. Current diagnostics in the field relies heavily on empirical examination and if necessary a follow-up with lab tests. It is costly and takes up to a few days. To radically address the antibiotics crisis, disruptive technologies for rapid and effective diagnostics at point of care are required.

Immunas is at the core of the solution to this global problem. Unlike traditional procedures that take hours to days to complete, our cutting edge chip-based technology, within minutes, will be able to accurately determine whether the cause of infection is bacterial or viral. Together with cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use, minimal invasiveness for the patient and immense potential impact on pressing public heath concerns, we genuinely hope to enable smart and responsible use of antibiotics for benefits of patients and for societies at large.

The other winners of the EC Award where Modum and Sensoc, with the best pitch decidr and the public choice went on Upscale.