Sharing a car became normal - but sharing a seat in an airplane with strangers? Exactly this is a new approach of the Swiss startup MyAirSeat. The German startup platform Deutsche Startups hold an interview with the two founders.

To share a car became normal in the society today. But in aviation, this trend has not arrived yet. Two pilots want to change that and founded the startup MyAirSeat. Flight, especially flights out of the conventional destinations, are still expensive for a private person. The startup, founded by the two pilots Alexander Burger und Thomas Pfammatter, offers to any private flight company an app where they can show their empty. Another person can also jump into a helicopter or an aircraft, and with this, flights become cheaper. But when you have a good ideas as an entrepreneur there are always competitors. Also today, the German startup information platform Gruenderszene.de reported about Wingly, a startup that has the same offer in Germany.

If you want to know more about the new startup MyAirSeat, check the article on Deutsche Startups (in German).